Seth Rogen revealed that Snoop Dogg once invited a number of women into the studio to dance around him while he wrote a verse for a song.

It’s a strange sentence, but it must have been an even stranger thing to experience in real life.

Rogen told GQ that the strange incident took place during the production of his movie comedy apocalyptic This is the end , which was published in 2013.

While making this movie, Rogen asked Snoop to provide a song for the soundtrack. Being the kind of docile guy he is, Snoop agreed.

Then Rogen upped the ante and asked if Tha Doggfather would write an additional verse for the song, which obviously was something he hadn’t made up for.

Seth Rogen opened up about Snoop Dogg's unorthodox creative process.  Credit: PA
Seth Rogen opened up about Snoop Dogg’s unorthodox creative process. Credit: PA

Rogen explained, “He lowered his head and thought for a long time. Then he looked at one of his guys, narrowed his gaze and said, ‘Bring the hoes’. “

At this point, Rogen claims that six women apparently appeared out of nowhere “very dressed as strippers” and started dancing around Snoop as he bowed his head for 20 minutes to write the required verse on his phone. .

It’s very strange, and Rogen went on to point out that it also asked a lot more questions than it answered.

First, where did the women come from? No one had seen them before, so where were they hiding before entering the room?

Plus, are they always on hand in case Snoop needs to compose a verse on the fly?

If the story is correct, Snoop didn’t think he would write a verse that day, so were the women just hanging out?

Who knows, but it’s a fun story.

Rogen continued, “It’s zero percent embellished.

“They just arrived! I don’t know where they came from. I don’t know where they were. They just walked in, they did their thing and then they walked out. “

The couple have been friends for some time, but Rogen had never seen the creative process before.  Credit: YouTube
The couple have been friends for some time, but Rogen had never seen the creative process before. Credit: YouTube

Are these the only circumstances in which Snoop can write? This again poses significant logistical challenges.

As Rogen added: “I know. So much planning should be spent on any creative output!

“You would need call sheets, you would need transportation, you would need lunches for people… you would need refreshments and, during Covid, testing every day! “

Well Snoop has had a long and successful career so who are we to discuss his process?

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