The success of Kim Kardashian on the red carpet Met Gala turned into a huge scandal.

The telediva wanted to hit the world with a spectacular exit in a Marilyn Monroe dress, but ran into a flurry of hate on the Web.

Rumor has it that the outfit on Kim cracked at the seams. Evidence has even appeared on social networks that the former Kanye West hopelessly ruined the dress and now it supposedly looks more like rags.

Users took up arms against the star. They angrily spoke out about the antics of Kardashian, who even tried to lose weight quickly to fit into a dress. The brunette was accused of a dishonest attempt to promote herself on behalf of a Hollywood diva, writes Daily Mail .

“Kim needs to stand trial for damaging her dress”, “This is disgusting. I’m so upset that she ruined a beautiful piece of history sewn for only one queen – Marilyn”, “She tried to find eternity by associating herself with Marilyn. But she will go down in history as an egoist who, to attract attention, destroyed one of her most precious possessions”, “The fabric is torn. Imagine what could have happened if Kim had worn the dress longer. A pitiful spectacle,” write frustrated readers.

The Ripley Museum, which lent Kim the outfit, also got it from the commentators. The employees were accused of unprofessionalism, and the dress was offered to be transferred to another, more reliable museum.

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