”  Selena: The Series ” Celebrates the life of Selena Quintanilla from her early childhood to her historic career. In the first part of season 1, actress Madison Taylor Baez plays a young Selena with a powerful voice and a positive attitude. In the transition to her teenage years and adulthood, actress Christian Serratos takes the helm and turns into music queen Tejano.

Selena Quintanillamade her recording debut in the 80s and became an award-winning artist in the Latin music scene with albums like Forbidden Love Yes Selena Live . In the year nineteen ninety-five , was assassinated by the founder of his fan club. His latest album, Dreaming of You , was released posthumously in the year nineteen hundred and ninety-five .

Selena Quintanilla Yes Chris Perez They met when the guitarist joined the family group Quintanilla in 1989 . Soon after, they fell in love and began to see each other secretly, but when Abraham found out, he sent the musician away to take him away from his daughter. In 1992 , Selena searched for Chris , and after confessing that they continued to love each other, the two decided to run away and then get married secretly.

Even though Selena Quintanilla dreamed of a big wedding, in the early days of April 1992 the couple held an express ceremony at Nueces County Courthouse when she was 20 and he was 22. Later, for Abraham He had no choice but to accept Chris as part of his family, although after Selena’s death things weren’t going well between them.


Selena and Chris were last photographed by the singer's stepfather.  (Photo: Facebook)
Selena and Chris were last photographed by the singer’s stepfather. (Photo: Facebook )

After the premiere of “Selena: The Series” Selena’s Life He is once again in the center of public and media attention. This version of Selena’s life Little by little the mysteries of her life have been revealed, lately the mystery by which the public wanted to know who was behind the last picture of Selena alive.

Faced with this mystery about Selena , her widower Chris Perez gave details about it and clarified the doubt about the photograph. This image served as the inspiration for one of the scenes in the second part of his life. The scene shows Selena sitting down while waiting for the accounts for her business. Chris he talked about this moment in the book he published.

Entitled “For Selena, With Love,” Chris tells the story of Selena’s life from his perspective and what they’ve been through together. The book was published in the year 2012 , for him has an invaluable meaning since in the book Chris reveals in more detail how the love between them was born after working together in the musical career of the Queen of Tex Mex.

The singer married her band's guitarist at the age of 20.  (Photo: @chrispereznow / Instagram)
The singer married her band’s guitarist at the age of 20. (Photo: @chrispereznow / Instagram )

It was only in the year 2018 that the last photo of Selena in social networks, Chris reckons that who took the photo was Gilbert Perez , her father. When the image was released, it aroused great expectations as it was taken the night before her death on March 30, 1995 . The reason for taking a photo arose out of the grace of the moment.

Thanks to seeing together Selena Yes Chris discussing as “ grown- ups” accounts, since Selena turned 23 Yes Chris 25 . This without being able to imagine that it would be the last living photo of the singer.

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