The star of “The Young Pope” will try himself in a new role.

Actor Jude Law has landed a role in a new series based on the George Lucas universe. The famous British actor will appear in the Star Wars: Skeleton Crew project.

Who exactly the star of “Fantastic Beasts” will play, the authors are still keeping a secret. However, it is known that the story will tell about two children in the era of the New Republic, who got lost in the vastness of the galaxy. They have a long way to go to find a home.

The project will be directed by Jon Watts, who had a hand in the creation of “Spider-Man” with Tom Holland in the title role. The script will be written by Christopher Ford, who also worked on the superhero action story.

Filming for the series will begin this summer, according to The Hollywood Reporter . The premiere date is still unknown.

Recently, Anthony Hopkins was surprised by the choice of a new role. The Silence of the Lambs star will play the great psychoanalyst.

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