Polish your guns because the Second Extinction release date is very near, guilty.

If you have an Xbox console and want to kill mutant dinosaurs with friends, you’re in luck. That you never thought of that? Well, you can do that now, because we already know the release date of Second Extinction for its early access in Series S, Series X, and Xbox One. Plus, it will be coming to Xbox Game Pass, both console and PC.

Second Extinction will launch in early access for the Xbox family on April 28. The game will also be available on Game Pass, for users to enjoy.

Second Extinction was released in October 2020 in Early Access on Steam and it was announced in February that the game preview is coming to Xbox, and now we finally have its date and the good news that it will be on Xbox Game Pass.

The game, which celebrated the arrival on Xbox with a new video, introduces us to a hostile world in which humans must survive against mutant dinosaurs. This co-op based shooting game gives us action, survival and lots of hits to kill all enemies.

The title of Systemic Response is in constant development and regular updates are promised. Since its release on Steam, the studio has improved and tweaked various aspects of the game and introduced new content.

In addition, the study seeks feedback from players in order to continue to develop the title under the best conditions. Second Extinction is the new game from the makers of Generation Zero and you can find out what to expect from the studio by reading our review.

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