The producer of the project “Queen’s Stroke” William Horberg suggested that the authors refuse to shoot the second season. He doesn’t want the filming of additional episodes to spoil the story that has already been shown.

This decision was supported by director Scott Frank. However, after the success of Queen’s Run, Netflix has big plans to develop the creative potential of actress Ani Taylor-Joy, the leading actress.

According to the bosses of the corporation, now they are looking for a plot for the story of the life of her heroine before the events of the series. This project has become the most popular in the history of the service, its audience exceeds 60 million viewers. According to Deadline , the corporation plans to reveal the difficulties that the main character of the show, Beth Harmon, faced as an orphan as a child.

Earlier , a scandal unfolded around the series “Queen’s Stroke” , but, apparently, it did not bring any serious consequences to Netflix.

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