Scarlett Johansson looks back on past mistakes: “I made a career out of controversy”

Johansson can soon be seen in ‘Black Widow’, her own superhero movie. After much delay, it finally arrives in theaters and simultaneously on Disney +. Although young and old look forward to the print, there was a period when Scarlett was less liked by the public. She defended director Woody Allen, who allegedly abused his daughter, and stated that she still wanted to work with him. She also played the lead role in ‘Ghost In The Shell’, based on an animation series in which the same role was actually reserved for an Asian woman. The filmmakers and Johansson are therefore accused of whitewashing; the phenomenon in which white actors portray characters who are not white. Then she promised to play a transgender man in the movie ‘Rub and Tug’, while she is not at all. After persistent criticism, she did return her role. “I just choose roles that appeal to me,” said Scarlett at the time. “And I don’t see any bones in that.” 

In The Gentlewoman she now looks back on those choices. “I’ve built a career on controversy,” she admits. “I have an opinion about everything, that’s just who I am. So I just said what I thought then. In retrospect, that may not have been so smart. When I look back now I also think: wow, I was really not doing well then. But it is difficult for anyone to admit that you were wrong. Especially when it has to be so publicly. I am only a person, I was ashamed. ”

“I also think it’s unfair that I’m seen as a role model for society, simply because I’m in the film industry. I don’t know any better than anyone. But no matter what I say or do, there is always something or someone who is offended. That is exhausting, but at times also humiliating. I don’t have a ‘politician’ in me, I can’t hide or conceal things. I’ve always been myself and I can’t lie about my feelings. I don’t want to adjust myself or my personality in front of the public eye. I can’t live like that. So there is a chance that I will ever kick someone in the shins ”, she thinks. “Well, then so be it.”

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