After a complicated path to the climax of ‘Black Widow’ due to the coronavirus pandemic , It was announced that the protagonists of the film , Scarlett Johansson Yes Florence Pugh they had to film sick scenes with pneumonia.

According to an article in ‘The Gentlewoman’, the shooting of the upcoming MCU film directed by Cate Shortland was full of challenges during the four months of filming, due to the sheer number of locations and cast members.

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In the interview, Shortland said, “It was like being in the military… in the end, Scarlett and her co-star Florence Pugh filmed them both having pneumonia. “

Either way, Shortland said Johansson kept her spirits up throughout the shoot, “She’s not at all pretentious… and that makes it a lot of fun to be around her. She jokes with everyone, there are no hierarchies. She appreciates people and makes them feel that way. ” 

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On the flip side, Scarlett Johansson recently said that she made her “career based on controversies” after being chosen to play. ‘Ghost in the Shell’ , playing a transgender character.

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