Today it became known that positive dynamics is observed in the treatment of singer MakSim . She has already been disconnected from the ECMO apparatus, and the artist is breathing on her own.

Now Marina is still under the close supervision of doctors, and her manager Margarita Sokolova even managed to talk with the singer via video link: “I was able to communicate with Marina via video link through a doctor. She was really disconnected from the apparatus, breathes through an oxygen mask, feels much better, and has a very positive and combative attitude. The lungs are being restored. We both joked and laughed (hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved – Editor’s note), ”she said on her Instagram page.

Despite the fact that it is too early to talk about recovery and recovery will take a long time, MakSim believes in the best and has already thanked her fans for their support in this difficult time through her manager: “Marina sends her huge regards and gratitude to those who were worried about her. She felt this tremendous support and hopes to thank everyone personally soon, ”Sokolova writes.

Earlier in the morning, the media reported that MakSim allegedly moves around the intensive care unit in a wheelchair and watches TV, as it turned out, this is just speculation: First, it is prohibited, and secondly, doctors are busy with their own business, and not driving patients around the hospital, ”Margarita hastened to dispel the rumors.

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