On the last episode of NBC’s live-action sketch comedy , Disney + got its own satirical parody of upcoming Disney + offerings. Then a voiceover dealt a low blow to Clint and the rest of the Barton family for the next series of Hawk Eye .

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After introducing WandaVision’s Yes The Falcon and the Winter Soldier , the narrator of the skit introduced the series starring Renner as Hawkeye and his “boring shit family” without having the slightest respect for this great avenger.

Despite the fact that Hawkeye only has an above average marksmanship and a nifty bow and arrow setup, Marvel producer trunh tran has previously told us that Marvel Studios is giving the series the exact same. treatment it gives to other Marvel Studios films.

Renner will be joined in the series by Hailee Steinfeld , playing fan favorite Kate Bishop , the latest heroine to be given the Hawkeye nickname in Marvel sources.

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Hawkeye doesn’t have a release date yet, but he’s obviously coming exclusively to Disney +.

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