The photo, provided on March 9, 2021, by Samsung Electronics Co., shows Lee Jae-seung, who runs Samsung’s home appliance business, introducing the company’s BESPOKE line of custom home appliances.
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Samsung Electronics Co. said Tuesday that it will expand its line of custom home appliances, which allow consumers to better reflect their lifestyle, as the South Korean tech giant aims to increase their sales amid the stay-at-home trend caused by the pandemic.

Samsung said its BESPOKE concept will be applied to all of its home appliance products, as it unveiled its BESPOKE HOME solutions, designed to help consumers decorate their entire home with various custom products.

BESPOKE is a concept promoted by Samsung, which allows consumers to apply their own settings according to material, color and module, in order to satisfy the preferences of users in the selection of household appliances.

The company said 17 BESPOKE HOME products, including refrigerators, air conditioners and vacuum cleaners, will be available in the first half of this year.

Your new BESPOKE refrigerator offers 22 types of door panels and a choice of 360 colors.The four-door refrigerator, which is worth between 2.89 million ($ 2,500) and 4.69 million won ($ 4,105), will also feature a water dispenser built into the door.

Samsung added that its BESPOKE water purifier, which was first introduced in January at CES 2021, will go on sale later this month, while its vacuum cleaner POWERstick Jet will also be released this month.

Samsung said its shoe care gadget, the BESPOKE Shoe Dresser, will be released in May.

At a press conference, Lee Jae-seung, who runs Samsung’s home appliance business, said the company wants BESPOKE brand products to account for 80 percent of its home appliance revenue in South Korea, adding that such products will be introduced in more countries.

Samsung already launched its BESPOKE products in countries such as Russia, Sweden and China last year.This year, the company plans to sell the products in the United States, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

In order to better meet the needs of consumers, Samsung said that a lifetime warranty will apply to BESPOKE HOME appliances and its products released in 2021, offering lifetime free repair or replacement services for compressors and digital inverter engines.Previously, Samsung offered 10-year warranties for free repairs.

A digital inverter compressor is a critical component of refrigerators and air conditioners, converting refrigerant from gas to liquid.A digital inverter motor is a part used in appliances like washing machines and vacuum cleaners.

To expand its BESPOKE ecosystem, Samsung also promised to collaborate with various partners.

On the designs, Samsung said it will collaborate with American paint brand Benjamin Moore, in order to offer a greater choice of colors to consumers.The company also partnered with local furniture maker Hanssem.

In the area of ​​content, Samsung said that it has partnered with Kakao Enterprises, CJ CheilJedang and Coupang, to offer various services related to its Internet of Things (IoT) platform, SmartThings.

Starting this month, Samsung’s smart gadgets and home appliances will be compatible with the artificial intelligence (AI) platform of Kakao Enterprise, a subsidiary of Kakao Corp., which operates the most widely used mobile messaging service in South Korea, called Kakao Talk.

With local food manufacturer CJ CheilJedang, Samsung has collaborated on easy cooking solutions for homemade meal replacement products, which can be prepared in the oven or microwave.With local online retailer Coupang, Samsung will allow its users to easily purchase detergents compatible with their washing machines.

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