Rupert Grint (32) played the role of Ron Weasley in all eight ‘Harry Potter’ films and the actor can currently stay at that. According to the actor, it is still much too early for a return to the set, but in a recent interview he made it seem that he is not completely against it. “I can’t envision returning at this moment, yet I’m surely not decision it out. I would only do it if the rest of the cast likes it, ”said Grint in an interview with Esquire.

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During his conversation, the actor also talked about the relationship with his colleagues. They don’t hear each other very often, but he does say that their relationship is unique. “It was a truly special experience that other people simply cannot understand.” In a recent interview, the ‘Harry Potter’ actor said it was great to be part of the whole story, but it could be quite overwhelming at times. “Sometimes it felt stifling.”

Rupert Grint also said that he was on the set almost every day for ten years. Something that even the makers had not initially thought. Originally there were only two books available, so only two films were planned at the beginning. If these were a success, a few more sequels would be canned. Although the team behind the films did not have to think long about this. The whole saga was such a success that eight films were eventually shot.

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