Khloe Kardashian seems to have listened to her audience’s opinion on looks. In the new photo, she decided to hide her flaw and focus on toned abs.

Previously, the Network actively ridiculed the pictures of the model, in which her fingers looked unsuccessful over and over again. In the last photo, the famous model lies on the deck of the ship in a black swimsuit and glasses. The angle emphasizes the relief of her press.

Photo Source: Khloe Kardashian / Social Media

“Remember, sometimes the crown tilts, but does not fall off the head,” Chloe philosophically captioned her picture.

Followers of Kardashian were inspired by her new picture. Fans noted that the model began to choose more successful angles for shooting. Kardashian’s pumped-up press was of particular delight. Fans also appreciated the backdrop chosen by Chloe.

“Such a press and Ronaldo will envy”, “It’s good that this time the fingers are not visible – they would ruin everything again”, “This photo is inspiring”, “God, what beautiful clouds,” Chloe Kardashian’s subscribers responded.

Photo source: “Cristiano Ronaldo” / Social networks

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