Hollywood favorites Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie still do not complete the divorce proceedings. The battle for the right of custody of six children has been going on for five years, and so far the ball is on the side of the 46-year-old actress: she is raising the children alone – so the court decided. However, the ex-husband Jolie does not give up and still hopes to have time to share worldly wisdom with the heirs.

As Us Weekly writes with reference to a good friend of the actor, 58-year-old Pitt saw through the cunning plan of the former darling. In his opinion, Angelina is deliberately delaying the trial in order to be the sole guardian until the children reach the age of majority.

The actor fears that by that time the grown-up children will no longer want to communicate with him, as if he were a stranger to them. The youngest celebrity heirs are 13 and Pitt doesn’t want to waste time. And even if the court is on the side of his ex-wife, Pitt intends to achieve the right to also raise children.

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