Housemarque revealed the latest patch for the game arcade shooting fast paced Returnal, which was a little unstable since its launch. Some of the more glaring issues have been fixed, but the developer has worked to plug the rest of the holes. This latest update, which will be available today, promises to fix some relatively common bugs.

The studio has released patch notes for Update 1.3.7, reproduced below. Prior to this update, some players encountered an audio bug that causes sudden and very loud noises. Another problem – and one that we particularly noticed – was the lack of dead Boy Scouts. These deceased scouts represent other players, and you can recover their corpses or avenge them, which puts you in a fight with a tough foe. Patch 1.3.7 aims to fix the audio issue and make dead Scouts appear as expected, as well as fix a number of instances of crashes and other issues.

Here are the patch notes for patch 1.3.7:

  • Fixed an issue with deceased Scouts not spawning as often as intended.
  • After picking up one of their dead corpses, players will no longer receive a negative effect parasite on startup.
  • Fixed an issue where Ophion’s boss could disappear after a player uses the Rebuilder during combat.
  • Fixed rare audio bug causing loud noises during combat.
  • Fixed a small number of issues where players could get stuck in different rooms.
  • Fixed several issues where the player could experience a black screen during credits or while playing.
  • Several fixes for rare crashes during gameplay.

The update will go live later today, so if you’ve had to deal with any of the above issues, download it ASAP.

One thing this patch does not fix is ​​the lack of game save options; players can not record the progress halfway, but must use the idle mode of the SP5 to pause the game or just abandon it if they have to disconnect. Housemarque recognized the desire for mid-game saves, but he is still considering the best approach. Fingers crossed, the team can come up with a solution soon.

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