The Resident Evil franchise is at one of its most profitable points to date. In addition to the reboot tapes and the live-action series being developed by Netflix, Capcom is set to release a new installment in its long-running video game saga , which has started to return to its roots in the survival horror genre. .

Now, a new CGI series is on the way from the big “N” streaming service, which follows the same narrative lineage as its interactive counterparts and will be called ” Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness” .

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Those who enjoyed the remake of “ Resident Evil 2 ” will be happy to know that the voice actors Nick Apostolies and S tephanie Panisello will reprise their roles playing Leon S. Kennedy Yes Claire Redfield . The “ Quebec ” study is in charge of the animation work, while TMS Entertainmet takes care of the general production.

This duo of characters has proven to be a great formula for success throughout the franchise’s history, embarking on a completely original new adventure. The synopsis notes that in 2006, inappropriate paths were detected in the White House archives.

Federal Agent Leon S. Kennedy He was part of the group invited to the scene to investigate this incident, finding himself in need of putting an end to a horde of zombies together with a team of agents. CRUSH , in parallel, Claire Redfield found in her own research in a rural area.

This will be the franchise’s fourth CGI production after the releases of “ Degeneration ” (2008), “ Damnation” (2012) and “ Vengeance ” (2017), films with which this series will be linked, being the first story to have a episodic format in the saga.

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” Infinite Darkness ” does not yet have an estimated release date, although it should arrive on the platform sometime in 2021. Meanwhile, ” Resident Evil: Village ” is scheduled to go on sale on May 7 and will be available on the consoles of Sony Yes Microsoft of the new and past generation, as well as the users PC.

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