Even before Resident Evil 8 at 7 May 2021 celebrating the official release, now they pop first mods play on the net. The modding scene has already been given the green light for the release of Gameplay Demos .

We remember: Capcom released several demos before the release. Among other things, gameplay demos. A demo that shows us the sinister “Village” and one that allows us to visit the castle of Dimitrescu again.

First Resident Evil 8 mods available!
Due to the fact that the PC community has now successfully obtained this “Resident Evil” data, the first mods could now be designed. For now, these work with Fluffy Manager, a mod manager for the demo. But this should be converted for the full version after the game is released . In all likelihood, other mod managers will follow suit as well.

Either way, there are some fun and noteworthy changes to the main game already. Over time, various creations will certainly follow, but let’s take a look at the pre-release mods first.

For example, there is the Merchant from Resident Evil 4 . The Merchant Mod transforms the obese Arms Merchant Duke into his Ancestors of RE4 spirituality .

There are also some MarcosRC weapon mods like the MK23 Socom– or the Banana & Spoon-Mod, with which the protagonist Ethan’s weapon is adapted. In any case, the fly swatter seems to be particularly entertaining as you can also turn your gun. The Fly Swatter mod allows you to hit bad enemies.

But the Barney Mod We were especially impressed with how she turns opponents into cuddly barneys, who of course still want to sting you despite their loving faces. You can see what it can look like here on the Residence of Evil YouTube channel. The video shows the Barney mod and all the other mods mentioned previously:

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