In Resident Evil 8 there is this Castle of Dimitrescu in which we have more of the Recreation to spend. One or the other will probably have already enjoyed the impressive setting. Because no matter how beautiful and strangely the sinister “Village” is, we will come to Dimitrescu Castle at the latest most by astonishment outside.

So it’s not just the main room with the gigantic chandelier that takes our breath away with its naked face. Also various side rooms such as the Concert Hall have it all.

But how did Capcom manage to create such a vivid and believable scene?

Resident Evil 8: Inspiration for Dimitrescu Castle

The development studio drew inspiration from a wide variety of sources. You have already given a detailed overview of Models for the hostess , Lady Alcina Dimitrescu, have been authorized to serve. But what about the lock exactly? Which castle did Dimitrescu Castle use as a model?

In fact, they appear to have been based on ancient European castles – as one might assume in the end. Redditor Smooth_Skin_Operator, who according to his own claims is from Romania, absolutely had to make the comparison. Dimitrescu Castle therefore seems to be based on Peleș Castle. His comparison images are quite meaningful, which we’ve included here for you:

Pelé Castle is not that old at all. It was between 1873 and 1883 by King Carol I of Romania built while some buildings as the main tower were built later until 1914 have been completed. In total, the castle was tinkered with for about 40 years until it was finally completed. In fact, Peleș Castle is somewhat reminiscent of Hohenzollern Castle and it’s exciting to see how the developers were able to capture this authentic backdrop.

In the end, it’s just a shame that we felt too little playing time at Dimitrescu Castle was spending, as we all agree in the  editorial team . For many, the castle is currently the most beautiful setting ever seen in a “Resident Evil”. And what do you think? Did you like the castle?

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