Not that the title was immediately compromised, but Club Brugge escaped quite a bit of trouble last night. After Bas Dost’s late equalizer, blue-black gets on the bus in the direction of Genk on Friday morning with a completely different feeling. The eight-point gap is – despite once again not a convincing performance – still reassuring. And even with a defeat in Limburg, there is still not one man overboard. Without that point, the world would have looked a bit different, even though it will probably still not be the most enjoyable week at the Belfius Base Camp. “I think we should be relieved,” grinned Ruud Vormer. “This is a golden point for us, yes. You always want to win, but now we have to be happy. ”

Ventilate at Clement

Others celebrated after the whistle as if they had reached the second round of the Champions League. Vormer immediately started venting to Clement: “That first half was very poor. I understand that some are happy and we shouldn’t be too negative. Still, we should have a chat. Fortunately, we are still eight ahead and there are only five games left. Winning at Genk and then we’ll see it again. ”

Noa Lang.
Noa Lang. © Photo News

It was mainly thanks to Noa Lang and Dost that blue-black got a point out of the fire. Two defining players who are new to the playoffs, two guys who undoubtedly need a little help from time to time to correctly assess the dynamics of our separate system. “It’s the first time for me, yes”, Dost said. “To be honest: I don’t like it at all. I understand that it is very exciting for everyone, but it is a false system. A little unfair for the former, especially if it is so far ahead. My conclusion is that we must take this point into account. Even though today – especially in the first half – we did not see the level we want to aim for. ”

Closer to the goal

That ends well, good for Club Brugge, which will soon still be champion. “We are one match closer to our final goal”, Philippe Clement put it into perspective. “Had we lost, it would not have created any extra stress. We will not participate in that rollercoaster – we do not want to calculate, but just take as many points as possible. And every time we do that, it gets harder for the opponent. In any other competition it is over when you are ahead of 16, 18 or 20 points. Here they have created extra tension and we have to deal with that. ”

Cullen plants his studs on Dost's ankle.  Yellow.  Cullen doesn't seem aware of any harm afterwards.
Cullen plants his studs on Dost’s ankle. Yellow. Cullen doesn’t seem aware of any harm afterwards. © BELGA

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