Looking like Jennifer Lopez at 52 is every woman’s dream. But braces and other procedures from the stellar arsenal are too expensive for most Russian women. Australian beauty blogger Chloe Morello revealed the secret of how to visibly rejuvenate in 60 seconds.

Everything is very simple. It is enough to look at Jay Lo’s hair gathered in a high ponytail, and it will immediately become clear that for a magical effect you only need a hair tie.

Then there are two ways. The first is to part the hair at the sides at the top of the head and pull it back into a ponytail. The second – with the help of the same elastic band, tie the tail tightly slightly below the crown of the head. Then the hair can be wrapped in a bun, like in Jennifer Lopez, curled, or just leave an even ponytail. It’s at the discretion of everyone. The main thing is that the effect has been achieved. The wrinkles were smoothed out, and even the contour of the face was tightened.

True, you should not resort to such a trick too often. By stretching your skin too often, you can get new wrinkles.

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