Hollywood actor and favorite of millions of women around the world, George Clooney, revealed the truth about the pregnancy of his wife, Amal. The day before, there were reports in the press that Amal, who is raising two twins from Clooney, is preparing to become a mother again. Moreover, Amal is supposedly waiting for twins again.

On the Web, Clooney hastened to congratulate. Many were eagerly awaiting official confirmation. Imagine the audience’s surprise when a day later it turned out that Clooney was not really pregnant. A representative of the artist came out to the press to make an official statement.

“The story that Amal is pregnant is not true,” Yahoo quoted him as saying .

It is noteworthy that earlier Clooney noted that he would not mind becoming a father again, but he still did not think about it for the near future. For the first time, the actor became a dad at 56 years old.

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