Years after being banned from developing and marketing anything in the market, Red Candle Games is coming back with its titles online.

The last few years have been very strange in China’s independent development landscape. The government has opened up that more fancy games can be released at this time. We have seen the industry transform to fit into a more cohesive world. Even so, we also had some nasty surprises, and perhaps the most famous of all was the enforcement of censorship. But no more: after years in the shadows Red Candle Games is back .

The road was very difficult to travel, but in the end the developer managed to re-publish their video games successfully in their own virtual store. Detention and Devotion are available for public purchase, along with their soundtracks and other additional digital products. All products are DRM free and cost less than $ 20.

It has not been an easy road to travel. The company has previously had the right to develop and release video games that were withdrawn after the launch of Devotion due to a controversial case. In the game a small Easter egg, as a hidden detail or as a temporary image before changing it to another, the Chinese government has been heavily criticized. A drawing of Winnie the Pooh accompanied this, which further complicated the title’s existence.

During these years, many players hoped to be able to replay both titles. It looked like in December we were going to be able to do it on the GOG platform, but as a last-minute surprise, its leaders backed down in favor of the Chinese government. Since then, Red Candle Games has been adrift, and although it was a tough decision, they chose to sell their titles DRM-free on their own website.

We wish the study the best and a third title just as critical as the previous ones.

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