Almost any creative person, regardless of what he does, wants recognition. At the professional level, recognition is embodied not only by the love of fans, but also by full-fledged awards and tops. We present to your attention world-famous musicians who have never topped the Billboard hit parade.

One Direction has never been to the top of the charts, and their biggest achievement was the title of “Best Song of All Time”. Since then, the guys have managed to realize themselves as a successful project and release many cool hits.

Missy Elliott is called a hip-hop icon for a reason. Missy has never been at the top of the charts. But the singer’s great success was brought by such tracks as Hot Boyz and Get Ur Freak On, as well as Work It.

Metallica became a cult classic in the early 1980s. Despite all their achievements, the guys never topped the charts, but they came close to it with the songs Until It Sleeps, Enter Sandman and The Memory Remains.

David Guetta is known not only as a talented DJ, but also as an excellent dancer. The musician has never occupied the first line of the charts, but managed to blow up this world with the tracks Titanium and Sexy Bitch.

Green Day have achieved incredible recognition among their punk rock peers. Their track Boulevard of Broken Dreams is adored all over the world, but it never climbed to the top of the charts.

Demi Lovato is a big driving force in the music industry, but she also never made it to the top of the main music chart. Her talent admirers consider Heart Attack, Cool for the Summer and Sorry no Sorry to be the most successful shots.

The Backstreet Boys have dominated pop culture for many years. Fans all over the world admit that the songs of Everybody and Quit Playing Games are the best that has ever happened to them.

Bob Marley is a reggae legend so beloved by millions around the world. However, few people know that the musician never made it to the first place on the charts. But he left an incredible legacy that thrives today.

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