After the Met Gala, Kim Kardashian couldn’t keep Monroe’s dress. But she still got something from the legendary star.

Kim Kardashian stirred up the public by appearing at a recent ball of the Costume Institute in a dress worn by Marilyn Monroe herself. To put on the famous outfit, she even lost 7 kg (however, even after that it didn’t fit on her ).

Extreme weight loss is not the only sacrifice that Kim made for the sake of a high-profile publication. Burning brunette Kardashian appeared at the Met Gala with an ash blonde – the same as Monroe had. As the star later admitted, after such dyeing, her hair almost fell off.

Kim Kardashian

But how did the hairdressers manage to accurately reproduce the hair color of a Hollywood diva? Everything turned out to be simple – as a reference, they used the curl of Marilyn herself. How did he get to them?

It turned out that the Ripley Museum gave Kim a Monroe curl. Kardashian was stunned when she received a lock of her idol’s hair, according to the Daily Mail .

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