September 25, 2021

Rania Jima is shocked by her revelation: “I lost hearing in one of my ears due to stress”

Rania Jima gave an interview to Aris Kavatzikis and “Pame Danai” and was in the mood for revelations.

Initially, the MEGA anchorwoman revealed that she suffered from autoimmunity from her anxiety, which caused her to lose her hearing. ” Some I got now a serious autoimmune and I lost hearing in my one ear due to stress. When he suffered the great crash that Cyprus did the Ministry of Development. I woke up one morning and realized that I do not hear in one ear. I continued working deaf completely. Without pain. Once it’s been 15 days I go to the doctor. We make the audiogram, the straight, nothing. the doctor told me that in the overwhelming probability is irreversible. We lawsuit and won a 20%. I was told that the problem is neurological, the auditory nerve is damaged, this also hits the eye.“I was told I could wake up and not see, “ he said.

Regarding her marriage and how much it affects her professionally, she said: ” The period when Gabriel was a government spokesman was not a ‘healthy walk’ for our relationship. He had to go his own way and he did very well and I kept doing my job. You feel good “.

Finally, she referred to the difficult period of her life, when she lost her mother. ” I find it difficult to go to Thessaloniki after the loss of my mother. It is not something I seek. My dad had a health adventure so we had to take care of him. I do not have siblings so I say to have a second child. I fought it all the way “Alone, with friends with a psychiatrist and psychoanalysis for many years. She helped me a lot,” he said in closing.