Ubisoft is hosting the second season of Rainbow Six Siege South Asia Nationals with open qualifiers starting March 20. Teams from the Indian subcontinent will be able to participate in the open qualifiers to earn a place in the closed qualifiers. From there, the top two teams will move forward to play the first leg of the Asia-Pacific Playoffs of the tournament. Based on their performance and final ranking in the APAC qualifiers, teams will then have a chance to win a share of the Six May Major cash prize.

The first open qualifier will start on March 20 and run until March 21.

According to a press release, the format of South Asian Nationals 2021 is going to be the same as the first season. There will be open single elimination qualifiers where anyone from the geographic area is allowed to participate. The closed playoffs will see a double elimination to filter the two teams that will join the APAC playoff support at the end of the first stage.

Ubisoft has announced the tournament schedule which will feature four open qualifiers followed by one closed qualifier. The first open qualifier will start on March 20 and run until March 21. The second open qualifier will take place March 27-28. While the third open qualifier is scheduled for March 3-4, the last open qualifier will take place from April 10-11. Finally, the closed qualifications will be organized from April 16 to 18.

The APAC Stage 1 playoffs will take place in late April and Ubisoft will release details soon, according to the press release. Teams that qualify for the APAC Stage 1 Playoffs are eligible to win a portion of the APAC Playoffs prize pool. The first prize is worth 5,000 €. Meanwhile, the first prize of the regular jackpot is € 3,000.

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