Putin responds to Biden with a straight chin

The attempt by United States President Joe Biden to slander Russian leader Vladimir Putin – calling him a “murderer” – was not only shameful. It was also a very stupid gesture.

This vulgar conduct betrays the American leader because he has no class. It demeans and tarnishes the supposed prestige of his position as the most powerful man in the world.

But the verbal blow also prepared Biden for a quick blow from judo master Putin.

The Russian president gave a calm and magnanimous response to his US counterpart’s comment in an interview with ABC’s News , in which Biden agreed with Putin’s (ridiculous) characterization as a “murderer.” In response, Putin said he wished Biden “good health.”

This charitable response does not only highlight the rudeness and greed of the American president. This gives the Russian leader high moral standards. The whole world, including many Americans, was able to compare the two men and immediately see which had the superior caliber of culture and intellect.

Second, without resorting to ordinary vocabulary, Putin managed to turn the tide on Biden, portraying him and many of his predecessors as the real killers.

By saying the commentary was a form of projection and a case of looking in the mirror, Putin was able to review the entire sordid and genocidal history of the United States, including the destruction of indigenous peoples and the throwing of bombs. atomic in Japan.

This vile legacy of mass violence and state terrorism includes Joe Biden, who as a senator and former vice president was instrumental in starting countless criminal wars that resulted in the deaths of millions of people. people and the demolition of entire nations. Also last month, Biden ordered deadly airstrikes in Syria – his first act of assassination as president just four weeks after taking office. Therefore, Biden accusing others of being a murderer is ludicrous.

But it was Putin’s offer of a live public video conference with Biden that may have made his response a champion.

Despite Biden’s slanderous statement, Putin said he was immediately ready to discuss a number of issues with the President of the United States and that the conversation could be televised to the public.

“Biden’s words being unprecedented, unprecedented formats cannot be ruled out,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. “President Putin has offered to discuss the situation openly because it would be interesting for the people of both countries. “

Really interesting, to say the least. Now, it appears Biden has rejected the offer of a public debate with Putin, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Thus, the American president made himself appear weak. He is afraid. It’s one thing to play the tough guy in a US media-controlled interview, but why not speak your mind in front of Putin? This shows that Biden is all boastful and talkative, speaking out of order, with no evidence to prove it.

This is because Biden’s defamation of the Russian president is unfounded. These are just the usual fragile lies spoken with the usual American arrogance and hypocrisy. Biden knows that if he debated Putin in public, he would verbally destroy him. morally and intellectually. Putin’s mastery of history and facts – without the aid of a teleprompter – would make Biden come across as the stupid villain that he is.

US President Joe Biden comments after meeting with Asian American leaders to discuss ongoing attacks and threats against the community, during a stop at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, United States , March 19, 2021

Moreover, by dismissing Putin’s challenge to hold a public debate, Biden is paying unfavorable attention to his own awkward image and the growing questions about the president’s sanity. More and more people will wonder if the 78-year-old White House man is really ready for the job. It goes beyond his notorious habit of mutilating words and “screwing up” – as Barack Obama once lamented about his former vice president.

Since becoming the 46th president, appearances and public statements by Biden have raised more questions about the apparent deterioration in his cognitive health. He doesn’t answer questions from reporters, seems to avoid press conferences, forgets the names of his own ministers, and last week has lost his balance, to the point of falling on the Air Force One ladder.

Barn Biden made a big mistake when trying to say bad things about Putin. Trying to train with the Russian leader, he ended up punching himself in the head, giving Putin the opportunity to get a knockout with a forehand to the chin.

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