It’s time to do the numbers, guilty. And of course, Sony is one of the people who likes these things the most. So we already have data on PlayStation 5 sales.

It’s not been a year since its launch, but we’ve already made several stops to find out how much each of the next-gen consoles has sold. That’s what big companies love: getting numbers and even more numbers. And even more to Sony, who relishes like a dwarf, especially when PlayStation 5 sales they come out as well as they advertise with great fanfare.

Data is the Next Eight months after its launch, Sony has managed to put 10 million units . This makes it the fastest console to reach this number in Japanese history. And this has to be taken into account that the lack of stock slows a lot of this data up …

The pace of sales is, in fact, similar to that of the PlayStation 4. The fourth version of the Sony console almost reached 20 million units at the end of 2014 (with one year and one month of life), while the The current time is five months ahead to meet this challenge.

The Japanese are convinced that they will overcome it without any problem, because what they already have in their hands, they keep announcing with great fanfare what they have left. God of War, Gran Turismo 7, Horizon: Forbidden West or Kena: Bridge of Spirits. Will the ones coming out this year (not all of them) be enough to beat 2014 PS4 sales? Place your bets.

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