The PlayStation 4 has had its time in the sun now that Sony is focusing its manufacturing efforts on the company’s new hardware, which means the next-gen tech is sort of limping towards sales milestones instead. to push for a last minute dash. The company today reported its results for the first quarter of fiscal 2021, and the PS4 managed to sell 500,000 units. This brings its lifetime sales to 116.4 million.

Compared to other consoles on the bestseller list, the PS4 is still a long way from reaching the heights of the PS2. It has sold over 150 million units, followed closely by the Nintendo DS. Then, the Game Boy and Game Boy Color portable consoles take bronze. The PS4 is currently in fourth position, which Sony must surely be quite excited about. Considering the challenge Sony has faced in making enough PS5 systems to meet demand, we can’t imagine producing more PS4 consoles to be a very high priority.

As for the PS5, we already knew that it had hit the 10 million mark by July 18, 2021, making it the best-selling PlayStation console of all time. Since then, the company has sold an additional 100,000 units, bringing the current total to 10.1 million.

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