In order to provoke a scandal on the Web, Kim Kardashian is sometimes enough just to come with the children to Disneyland. Her recent vacation caused a great resonance.

On the Internet, you can see a video – a star rides an attraction with children. There were still a lot of people in the park, and there were plenty of free places for the attraction. However, people were forced to wait until the Kardashian family had enough fun and let the rest pass. It turned out that Kim and her children had special VIP tickets that cost from 3 thousand dollars, according to Cosmopolitan .

The celebrity’s behavior caused outrage among netizens. Many drew attention to the fact that even privileged persons from the royal family did not allow such dismissive behavior in public.

“Understand that even Princess Diana did not allow herself this”, “Did they rent the entire park for themselves?”, “She should be ashamed,” noted the indignant commentators.

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