The prince is closely involved in ecological projects in the fight against natural disasters and global warming. “First, I must say that I have boundless appreciation and gratitude for those who work hard to help victims of disasters. I am thinking of soldiers, firefighters, the Red Cross and many volunteers. I have to admit that I feel very helpless in light of the magnitude of this environmental disaster. This causes damage on an ecological, social and economic level. I would like to point out that I also wholeheartedly sympathize with the families who have lost loved ones, who have lost their homes… with all the victims of the flood. That’s a lot more than you’d think.”

He therefore has mixed feelings about his presence on the National Day. “It is especially sad because natural disasters usually mainly affect the poorest. I thought: what am I doing here? I was very ashamed to be in that stand, instead of helping out in the field for a day or two.” The prince would still have plans to assist the victims. “But without cameras or press, that would be an insult to those people.” 

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