Today Meghan Markle is well-known due to the scandal with the royal family. The public believes that the actress hugged Prince Harry in order to achieve success in her career. This was noticed for her earlier.

Meghan’s first choice was director Trevor Engelson, who promoted the actress in his series. Until Markle earned enough, she lived off her lover. In 2011, the couple got married, and when in 2013 Megan began to earn decent money, she left her husband, simply sending him a wedding ring by mail.



Golfer Rory McIlroy was Megan’s chosen one for several months. It was his fame that allowed the actress to achieve popularity on social networks, and when this happened, the couple broke up.

In 2014, Markle met the chef Corey Vitiello – Megan won the culinary talent of the man, and their relationship began to develop rapidly. Vitiello cooked for many Hollywood stars, which opened up useful contacts for the actress. The romance ended when Prince Harry appeared on Meghan’s radars.

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