Many believed that The Crown was the only boredom Queen Elizabeth had suffered in the past year. However, when Prince Harry decided to launch what has come to be known as ‘Megxit’, meaning to completely disassociate himself from his family, the problems started and for the worse.

Beyond that The Crown , already with four seasons on Netflix, left none of the Windsors comfortable, the fact that one of them, in this case Harry, decided to leave them was ”  the greatest pain for Elizabeth II ”, Or so he publicly admitted. And, while it appears the accounts were settled when the prince was seen at the funeral of his grandfather, Philip of Edinburgh, they were not.

Prince Harry at the funeral of Philip of Edinburgh.  Photo: (Getty)
Prince Harry at the funeral of Philip of Edinburgh. Photo: (Getty)

After the interview that the second son of Lady Diana and his wife, actress Meghan Markle gave to Oprah Winfrey, the ties were severed. Pero, dicen que el dolor une a las familias y eso pareció cuando el duque de Sussex viajó a su país una vez que conoció la muerte del Príncipe consorte de la Reina, no obstante, ahora él volvió a atacar a la monarquía y fue por much more.

In an interview with Dax Shepard, Harry looked at various topics that concern him today, one of which is mental health, as next week he will premiere the series . The Me You Can’t See (The Me You Can’t See) where he ‘ll tell about different psychological issues that some of the world’s most important stars have gone through. This is why, as he said with Winfrey, psychology is very important to him because it has helped him open his eyes to what he really wanted for his life.

So much so that when the reporter asked the prince what it means to be inside. a small group of people observed all over the world, “He replied,” It’s a cross between the Truman Show and being in a zoo. “. And then he added: ” The most difficult for me was that being born there, you inherited the traits, the elements and without being able to decide “.

Although, after those harsh opening words, the head of Sussex House referred to his mother, Lady Diana, and, that is precisely what The Crown may interest you. Beyond the fact that Peter Morgan has already confirmed that Meghan and Harry are left out of the series, the harsh words of one of her children may shed some light on what is going on in season five.

Prince Harry did not want to repeat history.  Photo: (Getty)
Prince Harry did not want to repeat history. Photo: (Getty)

“  It’s the job: smile and hold on. The supporter. But in my early twenties, I was like, “I don’t want this job, I don’t want to be here, I don’t want to do this. Look what they did to my mom, how am I going to settle down, have a wife, a family when I know what’s going to happen again, ”Prince William’s younger brother said. And, to conclude, he claimed that he was now much freer since, for example, he could go out for a bike ride with his son Archie when he couldn’t before.

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