Mike Tyson’s flight from San Francisco to Florida turned into a scandal. The athlete beat the man who was sitting next to him on the plane.

Eyewitnesses of the incident claimed that the passenger forced Tyson to do so. Throughout the flight, the man was very noisy. Despite the fact that this man was shouting something into the boxer’s ear, he even agreed to take a picture with him in the hope that he would finally shut up.

However, the annoying fellow traveler only got more excited. As a result, Mike, who made comments to him, decided to “talk” with the bully in another language and hit him several times, breaking his face into blood.

The man, upon arrival in Florida, wrote a statement to Tyson. Now the boxing legend has to explain himself to law enforcement officers.

“He tells you to cool down, but you don’t. The police just have to understand”, “If I was flying with Mike Tyson, I would not incite him to beat me,” TMZ quotes fans of the boxer .

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