Trying to color WhatsApp can be very expensive: a virus tries to go through the messaging application to take control of your mobile.

A new WhatsApp Scam is spreading through social media, trying to trick users into believing that it is possible to download a pink version of WhatsApp , which also includes new functions.

Various cybersecurity researchers have reported this threat, through which they try to take control of the victims’ smartphones , when installing a malicious application on your devices.

Whatsapp in pink

WhatsApp in pink? No, this is a scam.

Do not download the so called “Pink WhatsApp”, it is a scam

The company Voyager Infosec explained to GadgetsNow that, in recent days, APK files of this supposed pink version of WhatsApp have been shared recently, as well as messages claiming that it is the new official version of WhatsApp .

The reality, however, is quite different: it is a virus , which once installed on the victim’s smartphone , can take control to perform actions such as stealing bank details or passwords , or obtaining information. ‘other sensitive personal data. They also explain that this mass scam is spread by masquerading as supposed versions of WhatsApp in other colors, such as “WhatsApp Gold”.

From WhatsApp itself, they also encourage users to receive this type of message to ignore them completely , and never download versions of WhatsApp from unofficial sources. Also, don’t forget that using an unofficial version of WhatsApp is one of the many reasons WhatsApp can suspend your account.

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