With all the talk about Covid Vaccines being done over the past few months, it was inevitable that the opinions of many regarding individual preparations would polarize. What was less obvious was that they were born online fans of people willing to show their support and support for one type of vaccine while making fun of another: this is what happens on TikTok. and other social networks , where users began to take sides and identify with teams such as Pfizer Pham and the Modern Mafia . Luckily it all turns out like a joke, in a sort of manifestation of collective enthusiasm mixed with a desire to reassure others about the efficacy and harmlessness of vaccines.

Online supporters

TIC Tac is probably the social network where this trend is spreading the most. Who decides to take sides in general proudly declares which is his favorite vaccine , mocking other preparations on the basis of the same, meager knowledge of medicine and bioengineering shared on average with all other users of the Net. leave the time they find from a technical point of view : in one of the most viewed tiktok, the protagonist declares that Pfizer is the only vaccine for those who have really understood everything in life; “If this happened to you Moderna – the clip ends – I don’t know what to tell you”. Others target Johnson & Johnson vaccines as “the vaccine discount” because of a parameter that is not fully understood as effectiveness. At the top Twitter the arguments cover other topics, from aesthetics (with comments on the graphic layout of the label in the vials) to free associations of ideas on brands related to the manufacturer of the doses.

The goal of the fans

Even though the contrasts are based on the assumption that one preparation is better than the other – this is the founding core of every fan – all participants pleasantly post their opinions and tend to agree on one thing. : The best vaccine actually is just what you can get first , according to each country’s immunization schedules. The videos and posts published on the subject are simply those of people happy to have their solution– without being able to choose it. When asked by NBC, many on the trend admit it frankly: for some, it’s a way to convince friends and family that vaccines are safe; for others, it is the release of a frustration that has lasted for months and the manifestation of an expectation for what will happen in the period to come.

The fact that the trend is also taking hold on a social network frequented by young and very young should come as no surprise: in the United States, vaccinations are progressing at a faster rate than in European countries even in low age groups. ‘inferior age; one in ten of those who have already received one or two doses of the preparation between 18 and 29 years old .

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