Pericles Kondylatos

Aroma Survivor acquired Monday’s “Breakfast” as Pericles Kondylatos , a few days after his return from Saint Dominic, was on ANT1’s morning show and talked about everything!

Invited by Faia Skorda and Giorgos Liagas, the jewelry designer referred to the difficulties and hunger he experienced during his stay in the game, even connecting it with the tension and nerves he seemed to have, while he did not hesitate to make a small account.

“I regret my mistakes and I can only talk about my mistakes and my exaggerations. But what you see is a fabricated thing and I do not mean that they put words to me that I did not say, I said it all, I admit it, but “There were others that you did not see and there are many. I mean positive. We had many good moments with the children,” he said characteristically.

The discussion could not miss the reference to Anthi Salagoudi , with him commenting that he was the only person from the game who, no matter how hard he tried, could not understand her character, while he shared his thought behind which made the controversial post about her after he left .

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