Finally, the “fishmongers” conference is added to the calendar. PC Gaming Show 2021 conference date and time.

It did cost, but with no week taking place, we finally have a date and time for the 2021 PC Gaming Show conference . And yes, once again it will be framed as part of E3 2021 and it will move from place to place again. That they haven’t stopped changing the time since they started.

On this occasion, the conference will take place on June 13 (Sunday) at 12:30 a.m. Spanish Peninsula time. Thus, he becomes one of those who later make us go to bed since almost all of them have a schedule which, luckily for us, ends sooner or later.

The event is therefore one of the busiest days, Sunday 13. This day we have one of the highlights of this E3 2021. Well … strong if they decide to announce what we hope that ‘they will announce. We’re talking about the Microsoft Yes Bethesda conference . But also that of Square Enix , with its new projects at the helm. Finally, and sometime before the arrival of the PC conference, there would also be the Warner Bros. Games. , dedicated exclusively to Back 4 Blood. So they got into a bit of a wolf’s mouth …

According to the organizers, this presentation will last about an hour and a half. Something like what they’ve been going through lately. We see about thirty titles focused on the PC world, but do not exclude anything cross-platform or with a kind of mixed launch.

And finally, the question that always invades us 10 minutes before it begins: where to see it. The answer is on their official channels, YouTube and Twitch . Will it be a boring gala (like unfortunately most of the ones we’ve known) or will they put a little more encouragement into its development? Well, in a few days we will find out.

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