The Friday Kerasioti managed to be among the most talked about players of GNTM and even managed to reach the final dyad, where he lost to Hercules Tsouzinof.

She continues modeling, but currently works as a waitress in Mykonos, something that has been discussed a lot. However, she responded by saying:“Being a model does not mean that you have no needs !! I want to tell everyone that work is not a shame, not to care what one says, what the other says, to do what you love, to pursue your dreams. In order to succeed, yes, you may need to work as a waitress like me because I want to make my dream of modeling come true. “I do not understand why it is a shame to be a waitress. To believe in you, to love yourself, not to be ashamed of your job and you will succeed. Thank you very much to all those who supported me and still support me.”

On Sunday, Friday Kerasioti decided to “throw” Instagram and so posted a topless photo of her from the beach.

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