Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston admitted that she no longer communicates with friends who refuse to be vaccinated against coronavirus. She doesn’t want to convince anyone by wasting her time. In an interview with InStyle, the star noted that she does not value people who “do not listen to scientific facts,” and simply crosses them out of life.

According to her, the refusal to vaccinate is based only on propaganda and fear. People who listen to myths are a real shame, she said. The actress was very categorical and ended her speech with the words that people have the right to personal choice, but often their opinion has no basis.

Psychoanalyst Lyudmila Polyanova, in an interview with Popcornnews, called this behavior inadequate. According to her, the actress is clearly haunted by paranoid thoughts.

“If friends have abandoned you because of vaccinations, then it is worth considering whether they were friends with you at all. As for this condition: there are people who are very afraid of getting sick and think that there is something in their body – hypochondriacs. In general, vaccinations are a very intimate issue. We do not ask everyone in a row what vaccinations they have received, maybe there are people next to us who have never been vaccinated at all in their lives. In any situation, you need to remain human, ”the specialist emphasized.

According to Aniston, her colleagues are obliged to get vaccinated and inform their audience about it.

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