Elena Paparizou does not hesitate to speak openly about the negative comments she recently received about her appearance in the Eurovision final, on the occasion of her weight.

In an interview with “HELLO!” Magazine and Savvas Bitza, the top Greek performer stressed: “I have stopped reading such comments for many years. What I know is that I work hard. I want to give my best as a person and as an artist and I stand by that. Certainly I can not like everyone, but I do not force anyone to look at me or listen to me, people are free to have their opinion and listen and love the artists they prefer. My goal is to unite people and to make them happy “.

“Possibly the one who writes malicious comments will feel very good. If that helps him, I give it to him. I know what I do, I know I do not do this to my fellow man. Greece – Sweden “. Suddenly, growing up, I said” Earth “. I do not have a problem with any person, as long as he is good. I have asked myself the question:” Finally, what does it matter? Should I try to be right or be a polite person? “I came to the conclusion that I should be a polite person because, otherwise, I lose my right. This is my philosophy,” added Elena Paparizou.

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