A new 8-episode biographical series is being prepared for Hulu entitled Pam & Tommy and starring Lily James and Sebastian Stan .

The central theme of the series is the first viral video in history that is none other than the sex tape of Pamela Anderson and her then partner Tommy Lee. The couple met in 1995 and got married 4 days after the first date. At the time, she was one of the most coveted women on the planet, famous for her role in the Baywatch series and he was one of the most famous rock stars, drummer in the band Mötley Crüe.Remaining Time-0: 00FullscreenMute

On their honeymoon, they shot a video where they had sex which was stolen and went online. Pamela Anderson has filed a lawsuit against Internet Entertainment Group, which distributed it online, as well as Tomme Lee. Eventually, the couple chose the out-of-court settlement, took the copyright of the video and then distributed it to Club Love, which continued to sell copies of the sex tape. A second lawsuit followed, with Anderson and Lee claiming that Club Love founder Seth Warshavsky had tricked them into believing that the video would be shown on a single webcast. In 1998, Tommy Lee was convicted of domestic violence and Pamela filed for divorce. In the meantime, they had two sons.

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