Netizens once again criticized Lana Del Rey for being overweight.

For the past couple of years, the singer has been harassed on the Web. All due to the fact that she has noticeably recovered. Fans can not accept that the once graceful artist has now acquired very curvaceous hips.

Lana was recently spotted on the streets of Los Angeles. She was wearing a loose plaid shirt and tight print leggings. Apparently, the appearance does not bother the singer at all. She walked heavily out of the cafe, holding a cup of coffee in her hands. Judging by the voluminous packages that the star held in her hands, she took with her a tight snack.

Among the fans of the star, another heated discussion flared up. Haters condemn Lana, who launched herself. And ardent admirers of her work are trying to defend her right to look the way she sees fit.

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