Playing the People Can Fly game requires a minimum of 750ti. The requirements of the Outriders are updated but are still commendable.

In a few hours, the Outriders will be available and People Can Fly presents the updated Outriders Requirements . After several periods of tests and demos, the adventure is about to reach consoles and PCs.

But in the last few hours, its creators have made a strange adjustment to the requirements of the computer version, raising the bar a little higher for those who want to play in the Ultra configuration.

The new table, published in the official game account , clarifies that in order for the Outriders to achieve the desired 60 FPS with 4K resolution, we will need to have a powerful graphics card . In fact, two specific models; or a 10 GB Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 or an AMD Radeon RX 6800XT.

Outriders will be on Game Pass for Xbox from its release. Of course, it looks like the rest of the requirements in other setups are a bit more stringent, and you can achieve high quality even if your teams have some time.

You can see the table in the following tweet, but at lower resolutions the game hits 60 FPS with ease and without much fanfare in terms of hardware, an example of the good optimization job it promises.

In a few hours, we will know what fruits this ambitious project has produced. Recently, officials said they’ve put a lot of effort into the technical side and don’t think they’ll have a premiere as difficult as Cyberpunk 2077 .

Over the past few days, we’ve also learned that they’ll be tracking down cheaters, with permanent HUD watermarks and longer wait times.

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