The third person shooter game Outriders is now available from developer People Can Fly and publisher Square Enix for different platforms. If you’ve been playing the title from the free demo, but can’t really bring yourself to buy it, or you’re currently strapped for cash, we’ve got a tip for you.

The shooter is now available to all Xbox Game Pass subscribers for elimination. This makes it one of the greatest third-party titles ever added to Game Pass. Only Microsoft’s proprietary games are generally found in the virtual, paid-for games library when published; titles from third-party vendors tend to be the exception.

There is a catch for PC gamers, however.

If you have an active Xbox Game Pass subscription, you can now play “Outriders” on your Xbox consoles. However, the title is not available to subscribers on the PC. There is indeed a PC version of “Outriders,” but apparently the team at Xbox or Square Enix wanted to make the third-person shooter available only for the console iteration of the service. If you want to play “Outriders” on PC, you have to buy fairly regularly .

“Outriders” is currently available for Xbox One , Xbox Series X , Xbox Series S , Playstation 4 , PS5, and PC. You also always have the option to download the demo on a platform of your choice.

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