“It’s a wrap” : the famous phrase to announce the end of the shoot was heard again on the set of Outlander. The stars of the famous Starz series finished their work and took a few minutes to share their emotion on social media. They highlighted how difficult the year has been and They have promised to return with an extended Season 7 . View!

The eight episodes that the new delivery will have been based on “Wind and Ashes” written by Diane Gabaldon in 2005. After delay due to the coronavirus pandemic , the cast reunited again in February and in just four months they filmed everything what they needed. Now there will be the long road to post-production which may delay the premiere until 2022.

The protagonist of the program, Sam Heughan , was one of the first to speak before the end of the activity in Scotland. “Season 6 over, a beautiful ride in the Scottish Highlands,” posted the interpreter Jamie Fraser alongside a photo with a motorbike in the incredible British landscapes.

Season 7 will be extra long

Sophie Skeleton , actress of Brianna Randall Fraser, was another of those who shot the sixth season and explained in more detail the issues the team went through. “We have overcome the additional complications of a pandemic and all the elements that the Scottish weather could throw at us, our cast and our team deserve a huge round of applause. » , Held.

In addition, the 27-year-old artist has warned that season 7 will be “extra long” with 16 episodes to make up for the brevity of the sixth . In this way, it will reach its maximum number of chapters which was in its first year, although on this occasion it was split into two parts between 2014 and 2015.

Producer and writer Matthew B. Roberts also praised the effort that all staff put into making the recordings: “I am honored to be a part of this group of talented crews, crews and actors. and dedicated people who sacrificed and persevered to bring the Outlander S6 to life. “ .

Messages from the protagonists of Outlander for the end of the shoot

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