The creators of the new version of “Sleepy Hollow” announced the name of the director and screenwriter.

The story of the same name by Washington Irving has been inspiring generations of filmmakers. However, when it comes to Sleepy Hollow, many immediately think of Tim Burton’s 1999 film, starring a young Johnny Depp.

It looks like a new generation of directors has decided to take revenge and release their own version of the popular story. Who knows, maybe they can beat Burton.

The film will be produced by Paramount. The creators of the project have already found a candidate for the director’s chair. The film will be directed by Lindsey Beer, who worked on the upcoming Pet Sematary prequel. She will also be the scriptwriter. The composition of the film crew is still kept secret, writes Deadline .

Tim Burton himself is currently busy with another project. He is working on the series “Wednesday”, which will be a continuation of the “Addams Family”.

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