Recently in the program “Fashionable Sentence” Evelina Khromchenko picked up new images of the presenter “Let’s get married!”. The client was not too happy with the transformation, especially with white eco-leather boots, and the audience supported her. But in vain.

In a conversation with the PopCornNews portal, the well-known Moscow stylist Larisa Timiryaeva confirmed that such boots are now very relevant, and any others would simply not fit the image compiled for Syabitova.
“Sock boots are not a new idea, but an original one that will always attract attention, especially white ones. Such shoes made of dense stretch fabric look as if their owner went out into the street wearing only socks, since the sole is completely invisible at first glance. Apparently, the stylists gave preference to sock boots in order to maintain the overall style of the originality of the image with elements of the pop art style. Shoes define the style of the whole image, ”says the stylist.

“If this outfit is put on rougher shoes, then the image will become more street-style, and in this interpretation it is more status-conscious, since such boiling white boots with thin soles, and even with heels, speak for themselves. These shoes are not for everyday wear and certainly not for public transport, ”added Timiryaeva.

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