Singer Madonna will fully control the writing, filming and editing of the autobiographical film. She has already chosen an actress for the main role – the young Madonna will be portrayed on the screen by Julia Garner.

Many filmmakers have already tried to make a film about the rise and fall of a celebrity, but these people, according to Madonna, were misogynists, that is, misogynists, so the attempts were unsuccessful. Now the artist has decided to act “in advance” in order not to let someone else tell her story.

“A lot of people wanted to make a movie about me. And they were mostly misogynist men who hated women. So I opened the door with my feet and said: “No one will tell my story, except for myself,” Madonna explained.

The singer promised to honestly tell the audience about her extraordinary life. The film will premiere in 2023, according to Variety.

Perhaps this is not the only story that awaits fans of the star in the near future. She recently admitted that New York is still the most important place in her life, and promised that someday she will reveal to fans the difficult background of the dramatic relationship with this city.

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