New era for Transparency, new era for Violeta. Theofania Papathoma talks to “Telerama” about the return and the plan of the heroine who plays “Wild Bees” to be brought to justice for the murder of Miltiadis.

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Violeta returned to a completely changed and divided Transparency. She is a woman in pain, an angry woman … Will we see her change and want revenge on those who deprived her of her husband?
“Violeta has suffered a lot. The last blow was very big. It makes sense for her to be
angry and hurt, since she lost the man she loved. Her hatred for the people who deprived her of happiness also makes sense. I do not know if she wants to take revenge, we will find out in the course, but certainly the climate is not pleasant for her, nor the people who frame it “.

How risky is it to approach Akilas in order to make him pay for what his brother did to Miltiadis?
“Approaching a dangerous man, a cold criminal like Megaritis, is certainly not the safest thing. But Violeta has nothing to lose at this stage. What interests her most is the restoration of things, its value, and to be given the law “.

Will we see Violeta openly coming into conflict with Myrsini and Doukas, who will have met Akilas?
“She is clearly at odds with Myrsini and Doukas, as Miltiadis’s death was sparked by Myrsini’s liquidation operation. Violeta is a symbol. of her soul, for her truth “.

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